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Did you know that Blush Vanity Room in Norton, MA offers a revolutionary new skin rejuvenation treatment? Audrey and the team at Blush Vanity Room can remodel your skin’s collagen to build and support dermal structures by adding volume and tightening loose skin; effectively soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from your face, eyes, neck, chest, and hands.

Treatments are non-invasive, painless, affordable, and only last about 20 minutes. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready for smoother, younger, tighter, and more vibrant skin, then you’re ready for ClearLift treatments at Blush Vanity Room.

We offer no-obligation initial consultations so you can ask questions and visit our beautiful space to see for yourself if we’re the perfect fit.


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Blush Vanity Room is only a few miles away and is among the most highly rated aesthetics treatment providers in your area. Fill out the form below to request your Consultation

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you say it…

Check out some reviews from past clients.

Deborah Hill
Deborah Hill
I had my eyebrows microbladed by Audrey, she did a great job, she was very professional, and also friendly, I would highly recommend her, Deb Lacivita
Naomi Carlson
Naomi Carlson
Came here for my first time, and got lash extensions from Natalie. I was so nervous it being my first time. Natalie explained everything she was doing step by step. My experience was relaxing and I was so satisfied with my lashes. Definitely will return!!
Jeanne Dyer
Jeanne Dyer
Love the precision work, in an out in leass than 30, no wait because they schedule properly.
abby walsh
abby walsh
Callan was the sweetest person EVER. she was so helpful and really made me feel comfortable!
Rocco Pacitti
Rocco Pacitti
I love Blush Vanity Room in Norton MA. I get my eyebrows waxed there and all the ladies do an amazing job. The salon is very clean and very relaxing. I highly recommend them.
Jaclyn Bournazian
Jaclyn Bournazian
I went to blush today and I got an eyebrow wax and tint by Audrey & I am sooo glad I did! Blush vanity room is super clean and is decorated beautifully! My eyebrows look better than they have ever looked and I am so grateful! I will be going back in a few days for a spray tan and I will definitely be going back to Audrey for my eyebrows going forward! Highly recommend!!!
Tammy Prairie
Tammy Prairie
100% the best place! Returning customer for over a year now. my first service was microblading by Audrey. and she brought my brows back leaving the 90's plucking behind us haha!! she made me feel soo comfortable through the entire process!! highly recommend
Y Murphy
Y Murphy
Go see Audrey for microblading! I love my brows. I had them done last year in June and they still look amazing. Her explanation during our consultation was very thorough, very friendly and professional. She made sure to answer every questions I had. I am definitely going back to her for touch up. Another review is for Callan. Omg i had the best facial ever! I almost fell asleep. It was so relaxing and she explained to me about all the step she was doing. I left with a glowing face.
Angela Parker
Angela Parker
Audrey is fantastic and the ultimate professional!! She is all about getting you the look YOU want. The salon is gorg and you won’t regret going!!!

Regenerate Your Skin

with ClearLift

Now you can get the incredible resurfacing results  of an ablative treatment with significantly less downtime at Blush Vanity Room.

Our Clearlift device is an innovative, first fractional Q-Switched laser, that is highly effective for treating various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions resulting in smoother, radiant, unblemished skin.

Treatments only take 15 to 20 minutes with zero downtime!

Get treatment in Norton, MA from the medical aesthetics experts at Blush Vanity Room for these

Common Conditions…


Uneven skin tone is a common concern resulting from sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetics, environmental effects and more. Our skin rejuvenation treatments fade and lighten these lesions, creating a more even skin tone. Treatments are designed to trigger the skin’s natural healing process and generate new collagen, enabling dermal remodeling that improves skin texture and reveals smoother, more youthful skin.


As we age, environmental factors like sun exposure in combination with our genetics and our habits can cause our skin to wrinkles and develop lines. Even just smiling too much can make wrinkles develop! Thankfully, ClearLift treatments are available to trigger the skin’s natural healing process, causing the creation of new collagen and revealing smoother, younger skin that is rejuvenated and shows fewer wrinkles and lines.


Gravity comes for us all! Aging often leads to looser skin with reduced elasticity and a sunken appearance due to a reduction in the natural ‘plumpness’ of youth. Treatments are designed to trigger the skin’s natural healing process, enabling dermal remodeling that improves skin texture and reveals smoother skin.


Our hands are commonly the most neglected part of our exposed skin. Hands are exposed to the environment and can be subject to damage just like our face. ClearLift treatments are designed to trigger the skin’s natural healing process. Our treatments can reverse the signs of aging that you see in your hands, enabling dermal remodeling and collagen stimulation that improves skin texture and reveals smoother, younger skin on your hands.

Treatments are fast and simple. Learn about

The Process…

1. Identify

We all see it in the mirror, every day. Fine lines and wrinkles, Lax skin, Crow’s feet, Pigmentation and dark spots, Dull skin, Acne scars, Scars from trauma or surgery, Stretch marks, Large pores, and Uneven texture.

You’re not alone, but now there’s something that can be done about it.

2. Inquire

Fill out the form on this website to request a, no obligation personal consultation at Blush Vanity Room in Norton, MA. Our caring team will reach out via phone, or email (your choice) to see how we can best help and to schedule your consultation.

3. Consult

When you arrive at Blush Vanity Room, you’ll be greeted by a caring and professional staff. Our team will use advanced technology to analyze the current state of your skin and provide insights on the best path to helping you achieve a smoother, firmer, and more youthful glow to your skin.

4. Choose A Package

We offer affordable package options for multiple treatments to provide the best outcomes. We even have 0% financing options available so you can get the treatment you need at a monthly cost you can afford.

Packages are totally customizable but a typical program includes a 3-treatment protocol for optimal results. Treatments are usually performed every 4 weeks.

5. Get Treatment

During the treatment we will use the laser to heat under the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen. The laser’s tip enables the tissues to heat up to 3mm depth without harming the outer layer of skin. Clearlift treatment will only take 15-20 minutes, so this procedure is perfect to schedule over your lunch break.

6. Recover & Enjoy

There is ZERO downtime with ClearLift treatments at Blush Vanity Room. Some patients may briefly experience tight, dry-feeling skin. These symptoms commonly only last a few days. Afterwords you’re left with firmer, tighter, smoother, and more youthful skin that you can enjoy for years to come.

Frequently Asked


Who is the ideal patient for ClearLift?
ClearLift Laser Skin Rejuvenation is highly effective for those patients who want to quickly address the signs of aging and use it as a routine skincare regimen. There are no needles, medications, or surgery required, making ClearLift a popular choice for a pain-free facial rejuvenation treatment.
Does it hurt?
ClearLift a popular choice for a pain-free facial rejuvenation treatment.
Is there downtime following treatment?
No! There is zero downtime after a ClearLift treatment. You can return to your normal activities right after.
How does ClearLift work?
ClearLift is a laser treatment, focusing on the skin. The treatment is non-ablative, which means that it does not damage your outer skin (epidermis). The ClearLift treatment stimulates the production of collagen down to the dermis. The new skin cells firm up your skin, making it look tighter and firmer.
Is it possible to tighten the skin on my neck?

Yes, the skin on your neck can be tightened with laser treatment.

Are there any side effects?
Shortly after the treatment, your skin may be somewhat red as a result of the warmth generated during the treatment. The redness will disappear the same day. The treatment does not stimulate your pigment, and therefore does not have that as a side effect.